Training Day: Multimodal methods for analysing social media

The colleagues  from the London Knowledge Lab are organising a ‘Training Day’ on Multimodal methods for analysing social media. Here is the description of the workshop:

Are you interested in social networking sites, blogs and forums, but not sure how to analyse them? In this one-day seminar we introduce a multimodal approach to the study of representation and communication in digital environments. Looking at a range of platforms and genres and using qualitative methods we demonstrate how to analyse even the smallest design features of sites and pages and their social effects. We attend to a wide range of modes available and used in these environments, including image, layout, writing, colour, moving image, and speech; and to their meaning potential. The approach brings together visual, linguistic and rhetorical analysis. Looking at concrete examples, our leading questions are: Who are the social actors here? What are the multimodal resources that they have available for designing a social environment? What are the potentialities and constraints of these resources? How do the actors use these resources? What does the social environment that they construct look like?

Date and location10:00-15:30, 15th May 2013, at the London Knowledge Lab

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