Digital Media & Education – Symposium – Congress of the German Society of Educational Science, HU Berlin, March 12, 2014

Digital Media and Education. The role of media in the daily lives of marginalised young people in Europe, Brazil and Russia


Prof. Dr. Christoph Wulf (FU Berlin),
Dr. Nino Ferrin (FU Berlin),
Dr. Michalis Kontopodis (VU Amsterdam),
Dr. des. Martin Bittner (FU Berlin)

Summary: Research on digital media is booming. However, the methodological aspects of research projects focusing on youth and learning via digital technologies in different areas of the world are not dealt with sufficiently in the literature. Qualitative research that explores the use of digital technologies by young people from around the globe as seen from the young people ́s perspectives is limited. The Forum will discuss the interdisciplinary research project ‘DIGIT-M-ED’, a Marie Curie People’s Program research staff exchange project which concerns the social, cultural, media-analytical, and educational dimensions of digital media practices. Project groups from the participating countries (Brazil, Russia, Germany, and Greece) will present different approaches – as (post-) Vygotskian learning and developmental research, multi- modal analysis of digital technologies, and anthropological investigations with young people – for collecting, compar- ing, and contrasting data.



introduction: Digital Media 


Education by Prof. Dr. Christoph 

Wulf (FU Berlin), Dr. Nino 

Ferrin (FU Berlin), Dr. Michalis Kontopodis (VU Amsterdam)

Transnational, Multimodal, Meta-reflective, Participatory: Exploring 


Future of  

 Education with 

HyperMedia & Social Networks by Dr. 
Christos Varvantakis (Berlin/Kreta), Dr. Michalis Kontopodis (VU Amsterdam)

Using multimedia at 

school: The views of Brazilian students from underprivileged communities by Prof. Dr. 


Liberali (PUC São Paulo)

Digital Media 



Education of Children with Special Needs: A Case Study by Dr.  

Natalya Ulanova & Dr. Olga Rubtsova  

(Moscow State University of Psychology and Education)


as a 

Principle. New 
Media & Old 

Garbage -





 Education by Prof. 

Dr. Norval Baitello Junior (PUC São Paulo)

Discussant: Dr. Anja Kraus (Växjö, Sweden) 

Place & Further Information:

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