DIGIT-M-ED Mini course & workshops, PUC São Paulo Brazil, 13-17 May 2014

A. MINI COURSE- Auditório 100-A, 13/05 and 15/05: 14:00 – 17:00

Learning platforms in a changing social semiotic landscape by Jeff Bezemer (Institute of Education, University of London)

B. WORKSHOPS- Auditório 100-A, 14/05: 14:00 – 17:00

Performative technography of network cultures: imagination, aesthetics and the senses by Nino Ferrin (Freie Universität Berlin)

Working in and with Media. Language and Translating as youth practices of mediation in social media by Martin Bittner (Freie Universität Berlin & German Institute for International Educational Research BBF/DIPF)

C. FORUM LACE – Auditório 117-A, 17/05- 09:00 – 17:00

9h Round Table: Digital Literacies in Brazil

 Digital literacies in indigenous context: new meanings and new identities by Jackeline Rodrigues Mendes (Universidade São Francisco, Brazil)

 Digital Literacy in São Paulo Public Schools by Ana Cecília Simões (DRE Butantã) & Elayne Fernandes Pinheiro (DRE Butantã)

10h Coffee Break
10h30 Commented-Upon Poster Sessions: Critical-Collaboration Research  and Multimodality
12h30 Lunch
13h30 Commented-Upon Poster Sessions: DIGIT-M-ED
15h Coffee break
15h30 Round Table: Hyperconnecting Schools

 Coming of age in a hyperconnected world by M. Kontopodis (VU University Amsterdam/ University of Crete)

 A critical collaborative approach to researching multimedia at school by DIGIT MED – BRASIL (PUC-SP)

Planning through Multiliteracy by EMEF EDA TEREZINHA

E-mail: forumlace@gmail.com

Telephone number:  55-11-3670-8374

Address: PUC-SP, Rua Ministro de Godoy, 969 – Perdizes, São Paulo, SP, CEP: 05015-000

Sponsored by: 

Post-Graduation Studies Programme in Applied Linguistics and Language Studies (LAEL/PUC-SP) / LACE Research Group: Linguagem em Atividades no Contexto Escolar


Marie Curie Actions, Framework 7, European Union

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