DIGIT-M-ED Mini course & workshops, PUC-São Paulo, May 2014

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During the Digit-M-Ed meeting held in São Paulo (Brazil) between May 10th and 17th, academic researchers as well as teachers and students from public and private schools presented papers, discussed ideas and shared media production in educational context. The use of technology in human interaction passes through daily social activities and the debate about the employment of electronic devices in teaching and learning is crucial for the development of school at the present moment.


Education prepares itself for new social trends. Since new media has transformed the communicational landscape, it is important that schools follow these updates. Even though, Digit-M-Ed scholars point out that this must be a conscious process, which intends to introduce students to the informational and technological era with critical thinking and knowledge about the phenomenon, rather than focusing only in technicity. That was the basic concern of all participants in the meeting.


Among participants of the event, organized by Digit-M-Ed Brazilian Team, Dr Jeff Bezemer (Institute of Education – University of London) ministered a mini-course, “Learning Platforms in a Changing Social Semiotic Landscape”, German researches from Freie Universität Berlin, Dr. Nino Ferrin and Dr. Martin Bittner, presented workshops about the creative use of media and technology in educational environments.

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Lectures on Digital Literacies in Brazilian Contexts were attended by Dr. Jackeline Rodrigues Mendes (Universidade São Francisco), who spoke about identity and inclusion aspects on indigenous digital productions. Under the same theme, Professors Ana Cecilia Couto Simões and Elayne Fernandes Pinheiro, both from Butantã Board of Education, shared video productions made of public school students from São Paulo.

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Dr. Michalis Kontopodis (VU University Amsterdam) and Digit-M-Ed Brazilian Team, in coordination with Dr. Fernand Liberali and Dr. Cecília Magalhães, participated in a discussion of new media hyperconnecting schools. Master and Doctoral researchers from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo took part in a poster section and reported their works on multimodality and collarorative critical research.

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Significant aspects of the meeting were expansion and strengthtening of social networks, knowledge sharing and deepening hyperconnexion between schools. It was a great opportunity to hear the impressions of students involved on Digit-E-Med, as well as promoting videos produced in their educational contexts. The meeting was held with the support of FAPESP, European Union/ Framework 7/ Marie Curie and PUC-SP.

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For more pictures of the meeting, please access Flickr and Facebook.


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