Juliane Lamprecht

Juliane Lamprecht is an assistant professor at the Department of Qualitative Research on Human Development, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Free University Berlin.

After studying Educational Science and Historical-Pedagogical Anthropology at Free University Berlin she worked as an assistant researcher in the DFG-project “Repräsentationen und Praktiken der Geburt“ (“Representations and Practices of Giving Birth”) together with Christoph Wulf at the Department of Anthropology and Education, Free University Berlin.

In 2010 she received her doctorate degree from Free University Berlin with the dissertation “Evaluation und Imagination. Eine praxeologische Studie zu den Bewertungslogiken pädagogischer Akteure im Übergang vom Elementar- in den Primarbereich“ (“Evaluationand Imagination.A Praxeological Study to Review the Logic of Educational Stakeholders in the Transition from Pre-school to Primary Education”).


Lamprecht, Juliane (2011): Sozial’no-pedagogičeskie idei v 
sovremennoj evropejskoj teorii i praktike: sbornik naučnych statej/ 
Nauč. Red. A.K. Šul’ženko. Moskva: ISP RAO, 2011, - 100S: 
Sozial-pedagogische Ideen in der gegenwärtigen europäischen Theorie 
und Praxis: Sammelband wissenschaftlicher Aufsätze/ hg. von A.K. 
Šul’ženko, Moskva: ISP RAO, 2011 – 100 Seiten.

From 2008-2011 she worked as a research assistant at the Department of Education, Philosophy and Psychology, Trier University, Germany.

Juliane Lamprecht is especially interested in Qualitative Social Research on hospitals and families and also in methods of Responsive Evaluation in the fields of education and social and cultural work.