Olga Rubtsova

Olga Rubtsova (PhD) graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University where she studied general linguistics and languages (English, French, German & Latin). In 2010 she entered Moscow Universty of Psychology and Education as a PhD student where she studied at the Department of Educational psychology. Her research  work was devoted to the problem of the inner role conflict and its overcoming in adolescence with the help of role play games. She completed her PhD in 2012.

Her research interests concern adolescent crisis and its underlying inner conflicts, psychological peculiarities of the development of modern teenagers, formation of role-identity in adolescence, challenges in education of teenagers and young adults, role play games and their functions, as well as  psychological aspects of the widespread use of new technologies and their impact on personality’s development.

A few publications available at http://psyjournals.ru/authors/33490.shtml (Russian)

http://psyjournals.ru/files/51529/kip_2012_n1_Rubtsova.pdf (English)

research video presentation  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1LNyETyXEQ