Manolis Dafermakis (finance coordinator)

Manolis Dafermakis (Dafermos) studied  philosophy and completed his PhD at Faculty of Philosophy of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Manolis Dafermakis (Dafermos) is assistant professor in Epistemology of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, The University of Crete, Greece. His interests include cultural historical psychology, activity theory, critical psychology, the history of psychology, and methodological and epistemological issues for the social sciences.

He is the author of three monographs: “The Cultural Historical Theory of Vygotsky”, “Marginalization of Gypsies children in education”, “The Historical Development of Psychology” (in Greek language).

Manolis Dafermakis (Dafermos) is a co-editor of five Collective Volumes: “Logic of History and Perspectives of Development of Science”, “History and Reality: Lessons from Theory and Practice” (in Russian language), “Qualitative Research in Social Sciences”, “Qualitative Research in Psychology”, “Social Sciences in 21th century” (in Greek language).

He is a member of the Editorial Board of journal “Dialogical Pedagogy” ( ). He has also serves as a section editor for the journal “Outlines: Critical Practice Studies”. He has been a guest editor of a Special Issue of the journal “Annual Review of Critical Psychology”

Contact Information: University of Crete, Department Psychology, University Campus, Rethymno, 74100- Crete, Greece. Tel.:+30-28310-77521, e-mail: