Sofia Triliva (coordinator: research ethics & deliverables)

Sofia Triliva is an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Crete where she teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses in applied psychology.  The focus of her work is the creation, application, and evaluation of prevention initiatives as the community level.  For the past few years her research has focused on antiracism programming in schools.  Recent book publications:

  1. Triliva, S., Xarli, P., & Spinthaki, A. (2012). Molding of people’s character:  from learning to teaching.  Thessaloniki:  Epikentro (in Greek)
  2. Stalikas, A., Triliva, S., & Roussi, P.  (2012). Psychometric tools in Greece (2nd Edition).  Athens:  Topos.  (in Greek)